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 m. kilgore

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My current biggest project is polishing and expanding upon my undergrad thesis. An 82-page comic titled Lucidity, my thesis explored how emotions and memories interact with each other, and how one can greatly shape or contort the other. The story follows a child in a surreal world looking to uncover memories about his past.

Exploring color and costume for various scenes in Lucidity.

Two pages from the story.

The story in its ideal form would be a video game, where the player takes control of the story in an impactful way; by being the one who decides how the main character progresses through the narrative, his journey becomes very much the player's as well. However, as a comic, it lacks this higher level of immersion and involvement. So, to simulate this, I created a display room that looks like an important environment from the book.

Actual display room within the gallery Lucidity was shown ( top ), and
the page and panel from which the display room was created. ( bottom )

As it exists now, Lucidity only covers the first "chapter" of the main character's story. I am currently working on writing and developing more chapters, as well as refining the pre-existing chapter.


When not working on Lucidity, I'm honing my skills and researching for various other unnamed IPs, as well as doing freelance work. If you would be interested in seeing some of this work, shoot me an email!