m. kilgore

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M. is a digital artist whose inspiration comes from a lifelong passion for video games & all the artistry that goes into them. M.'s focus lies in character / costume design & illustration, but has experience in comic work & graphic design as well.

M. graduated Hartwick College in 2017 with a BA in Art, alongside awards such as Summa Cum Laude, Honors Society Induction, & Best in Drawing & Painting titles for local art shows. M. has been working freelance for small businesses & single clients for several years now, producing works like commissioned comics, illustrations, or logo & brand designs. Other personal experience M. has includes participating in small communal zines & charity art projects.

On days off, M. enjoys spending time with loved ones, forgetting to drink freshly brewed tea, or getting lost in a good game.

Any inquiries about long- or short-term work can be sent via email to calciumion@live.com.